About Us 

We are students from the profession and expressive from the heart. Our website thatartisticsky is an expression of how we look, observe and perceive things around us. We had created artworks based on how we connect and wanted to show through our pencil. We are expressing the beauty around us by our understanding level of creativity and making them real by pencil.

Thatartisticsky will come up with different and fascinating content base on the public demand. Stay tuned with us and submit your feedback and things you want to know about the art. Sharing your views will always help us to understand our audience taste


To give true knowledge of what is the original fact behind the most popular theories of art and creative art. After spreading knowledge about it we had tried to express it through our pencil to serve it in a simple and more convincing way.​​


As an art makers, we aspire to create art of original, emotive and edifying quality, to be exhibited and purchased through gallery representation and online distribution channels. To continually produce art objects infused with a spirit of excitement and will present these objects in an entertaining context. Products will be handled with a high standard of professionalism, as a respect to clients. More than mere objects, an experience will be provided by establishing meaningful connections with galleries, local organizations, and collectors.

Meet The Team

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Rudra Dave 

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Vinit Prajapati

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Mugdha Maru

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