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Art of Staying Anonymous

How to stay Anonymous 

In this article, I am going to show you some interesting tips and tricks to stay Anonymous. The art of staying anonymous is not that easy, you need to change lots of your regular tasks for example browsing, emails, social media, and many more. In this tutorial, I am going to teach you 5 techniques that will help you to hide from the world.

Before we dive in, let's make some basics clear. So, people are confused between the terms privacy and anonymity.



We all need some privacy, like having a personal room, making Instagram profile private, using incognito mode, and many more. So, in short, staying private means hiding your activity. Hiding from whom, they may be parents, friends, government or the web serves. but that's not anonymity.

It's like when you walk into your room and shut the door. That means the world knows who are you but they are unaware of the activities you are up to. Same way enabling a private account on Instagram means people can know your name or ID but can't watch your stories and posts.

What is privacy?

What is Anonymity?

Now, let discuss the reason you are here. You all know what is privacy, that is hiding your activities. On the other hand, anonymity is hiding your identity. When you are anonymous, your activities are public or we can say it is visible to all but they don't know who you are. Your name, your address, and everything which defines you, are hidden from the world. It's similar to hitting the neighbors doorbell and run. The neighbors can hear the doorbell but cant catch you only if you are smart enough.

When you are anonymous you can perform some notorious task just for fun make sure you use this power for good cause  --- Disclaimer


5 ways to stay anonymous:-

  1. Use Secure browsers.
  2. Select permissions wisely.
  3. Social media is an illusion.
  4. Act fake.
  5. Boycott technology.