Why thatartisticsky ?

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

Before introducing us, let me tell you what is the true meaning of art. Yaa, we all know the technical definition of art, a definition that used by the layman to look forward to any artist. But, the truth is there is neither definition nor proper explanation ever made to express the efforts, dedication, emotions, feelings, and a lot more hidden in the single word called "ART". So ,who are we to describe such beautiful expression. But we can share our point of view on this mysterious word.

For us, ART is nothing but the way of expressing an individual's talent or we may say emotions. It may be on paper, on canvas, on the keyboard, on a laptop, on weapons, etc. Thatartisticsky is the place where you can find all the art forms under one sky or we can say under one website. This sky is trying its best to expand its territory in all the art forms.


In thatartisticsky, we are trying to come up with facts about art in simple words. As we all known, creative things are always complex to understand apart from that our content writers are constantly trying to convert this complex equation into a simple form. The form that layperson can understand and acknowledge efforts made behind any craft.

Over content is reliable to all the artists or the fact-readers. We try our best to create the best blogs And provide you interesting and unknowing topics. If you are interested to submit your artwork and want to publish it on the internet you can contact us on Instagram or email us. That brings us to our main question WHY THATARTISTICSKY?

Why thatartisticsky ?

  • Content is reliable

  • You can publish your artwork

  • Your own website

  • Art gallery

  • Interesting blogs

  • And coming soon part

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